I know it’s been a while…

But I’m currently working on a new edition of the show that should be ready for the end of the year. Studying third year in the UK is actually far more demanding than I ever thought, so we’ll try and get something back on The WOLF as soon as possible.



February/March Edition

Hi there,

Soon we’ll be posting the February/March Edition for you to listen to onto this site. In this month’s edition we talked about the Superbowl, Valentine’s day and all those Harlem Shake videos, including the one which I, your host, Richard Morris, was in.

Look for it during Spring Break week. It’ll be up soon.

In the meantime, have a great week.

The February/March Edition is finally here.

Yes, it took us long enough, but last Tuesday we managed to broadcast our first new edition of Across the Pond for six weeks! Don’t call us lazy, for the full list of excuses, read three posts below this one.

We’re really pleased that we have such a loyal following to this show, we certainly enjoy making it. It was unfortunately Luke’s last show before he moves back to California, but he’s had a really great time on the programme (spelt correctly, notice that?), and we’re absolutely going to miss him. We’re currently trying to find someone just as great to replace him. That’s the media industry, everyone is easily replaceable….

Anyway, shortly we’ll post the on demand version of the show (sounds a bit fancy, I basically mean a YouTube video, let’s be honest), so you can listen any time you want. We really do spoil you listeners, don’t we?

Have fun, guys.

From the archive – January 2013

Here’s perhaps the best episode so far, in my opinion. This actually has a slightly different opening to the version we played on UK radio. The first eight minutes in the UK version of the show, played on Siren FM were actually altered for a British audience. We talked more about the inauguration of Obama, and other such things. I’ve always been a fan of keeping things simple, and original, so here’s the first version of the show, which I think sounds more natural and generally better anyway. Have fun guys!


New Edition Coming Tuesday!

So, as you may have gathered, there has not been a new edition of the show in wayyy too long. So here we are, telling you, and we’re all really excited about this, that we’ve just finished the latest edition for February/March (best way we could combine the two months) and that it’ll be hitting your desktops on Tuesday at 2pm.

That’s a slight exaggeration, it isn’t quite finished yet, but we are editing it as we post this. It’ll still be ready for Tuesday,¬†we assure you.

It’ll be on YouTube/mixcloud all the other usual stuff afterwards, pretty soon after, in fact. We’ll post again once that’s done.

A slight delay

I am also well aware that there has still not been a February edition of this programme produced, and for this I am sincerely sorry. There have been many viruses going round on campus and both Luke and Suzie have been ill on separate weeks, so we haven’t found a good week so far for a recording. We are hoping to record the next edition this Friday for broadcast this coming Tuesday.

Once again, sorry, and we will return to normal as soon as everyone is fine and dandy again.

Birthday celebrations in America.

So this weekend just gone was in fact my birthday. I celebrated my birthday on the Sunday but had my host family basically having an all weekend type party with me. It was brilliant, I have to admit.

I didn’t know what to expect with an American birthday, but it turns out they are basically the same as British ones at this age, just without alcohol. Bit of a shame really.

We went out to a Japanese steakhouse on the Saturday evening with my host family and a load of their friends. Sunday was my actual birthday, we did all kinds of things, namely speaking to my parents over FaceTime and then my host family and my real parents get along so well that they ended up talking for over an hour. Rather amusing really.

One of the best parts of staying with this host family? Two beautiful Chow Chow dogs. This is the brown one. The other is pure white, but unfortunately won’t come anywhere near me, a long story.

We can see here that he is operating as a particularly fine draft excluder after playing with me all afternoon.